Sunday, July 29, 2012

Follow that cab! A Wedding in New Paltz

Last weekend was another wedding.   The venue was beautiful, located in High Falls, (upstate New York)…almost a two hour journey from our home.

To say that it was in a remote location is putting it mildly...but defintiely worth the trip!   We arrived at one of the recommended hotels in nearby New Paltz and got an early check-in.   Wedding was at 3PM and hotel check-in was also at 3PM…thus the request for the early check-in (change into wedding attire at the hotel…duh!)   Shortly thereafter, we began our (25 minute...13 mile) venture to the wedding site (from point A to point B...see image below).

After several left and right turns…we proceeded down isolated winding roads.   No other cars in sight!   After 5 minutes or so...I noticed a “taxicab” in my rear view window.   I also noticed about 4 or 5 vehicles following said taxicab.   I guess I was going too slow because said taxicab, crossed the DOUBLE lines and passed me (see red dot on the map)!   Not really certain/confident of my directions (and I don’t have GPS) I then said to my passengers (the wife, my daughter and son-in-law)...I gotta follow that cab because they all must be going to the wedding!   Why else would a taxicab in this isolated area be going anywhere else???

A few miles later...said taxicab (and its’ followers) made a left turn onto Route 6 (the other red dot on the map)...and I slammed on the brakes!   “We need to follow that cab” I said.   My passengers rolled their eyes and said...”Dad…just follow the directions and keep going”!   I thought they were stupid...but I relented and decided to keep going...without the cab (and its’ followers)!   I just knew my passengers were wrong...but…as it turned out...they were right!   Three miles later, to my surprise, we arrived at the venue.   So, for the rest of my life, they won’t let me live down the phrase of   “follow that cab”!

Did I mention that the wedding and reception were awesome?   The bride is my wife’s god-daughter and the daughter of her (our) lifelong friends.

It was truly a spectacular event and worth the journey.   Once again…it was a mini United Nations affair, for the bride and groom, as well as the wedding party and guests.

We partied hard and a good time was had by all!   We all agreed that these two set the bar for the next wedding!

I updated my list and added a new couple...Paul & Ama!   If you’ve been following my little space on this know that I’m really encouraged by all this.   I just wish I could be alive to see all of their offspring enter maturity.

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