Thursday, March 21, 2013

One more dude to add to the "IST" list!

Here we go again.   Went to my oncologist (cancer dude) the other day to get my 6+ hour Rituxin treatment (poison drip).

Two hours into the ordeal oncologist sits down with me in the "poison dripping room".   He tells me he's happy with my progress, but now he wants me to schedule an appointment with a phrenologist (kidney dude)!  

Hit the rewind button back to a month ago!   Same oncologist is very precautious and is heavy into blood test results.   He was concerned that my PSA count was high and recommended I see my urologist (male plumbing dude).   Urologist and his surgeon buddy is the same dude that removed my kidney ten years ago!   I scheduled an appointment to see the urologist.   Urologist is also concerned about the level of my PSA count and wants to perform a prostate biopsy the following week.   The day before the procedure, I have to do the whole enema thing!   Ugh!

I return to urologist the next day.   Receptionist informs me that I need to take two shots in the rear end (ouch...two big ouches) and then wait in the waiting room for an hour.   I mistakenly assume that these two shot were to numb my prostate for said biopsy.   Wrong!

An hour passes and my name is called.   Urologist enters the room 20 minutes later.   Once again, I'm told to strip from the waist down, lay down on my left side, knees tucked into my chest as close as possible.

Urologist takes out a long (really long) needle.   I ask what's that for?

His reply..."It's for the anesthesia!"   So I ask "what were the other two (painful shots) for" (an hour ago).   His response..."Oh those were just the antibiotic shots!"   Next image is probably not safe for work...aka NSFW!

Bottom line, 20 or so minutes later...I left the urologist's office and walked to my car.   I was was walking as if I was sodomized by something much larger than a urologist's biopsy tool...more like an elephant's trunk...if you can imagine that! now on to the phrenologist!

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