Sunday, March 24, 2013

The other side of the world!   Sarjah, Syria

I had just returned from the local newsstand (drove the 3 blocks) to pick up the Sunday New York Times.   It's my Sunday ritual!   Stopped by the local "Dunkin Donuts" next door (one of many in the area) to get the Mrs. a "medium decafe Hazelnut with milk", another Sunday ritual. This time I also got her a croissant and two "egg & cheese wraps" for my (visiting...overnight guest) grandson (his favorite).

Now, back home, I plopped down at the kitchen table and turned on the color flat screen TV in the kitchen (one of too many in this house).   Everyone else (the Mrs., grandson, daughter & son-in-law) was still asleep upstairs.   I'm a little annoyed that I forgot to pick up bloody mary mix the other day, 'cause I was in the mood for a good Sunday morning Bloody Mary.

I changed the channel to CBS (one of over 600 channels available via Cablevision...for a price) to watch the CBS "Sunday Morning" program with Charles Osgood...another Sunday morning ritual!   Then I grabbed the Times.   This photo was on the front page.

When I first glanced at it (at the newsstand) I said damn!   Now, that I was in the comfort of my home, I began to stare at the picture and it really made me think of how much I (we?) take for granted.   A cave!   Come on people!   A f*cking cave!   The kids in the photo don't look to be a year or so older than my grandson!   I don't see any "Dunkin Donuts" goodies in this photo!

The picture is of Ahmed Sheikh’s extended family.   They live in a "Roman-era" cave in the town of Sarjah, Syria.   Why?   They are attempting to avoid the bloody Syrian civil war.   According to the New York Times "uncountable Syrian families are waiting out the violence in the caves of bygone times.   They are part of the four million people who the United Nations estimates have been forced by the war from their homes, a displacement that seemingly grows each week."

I'm sure most Americans don't even know where Syria is....hold on let me check!

Later that day, my son-in-law decided to have an afternoon cocktail...Appleton rum and Fanta Pineapple soda!   Sounds awful but it's actually pretty good.   It was at that point that I had to show him my latest purchase...contraptions that make round (two inch) ice cubes!

Do I really need round ice cubes?   No!   Ain't no round ice cubes in that f*cking cave!   I almost wish I could go to that cave and tell that family to come back home with me to live on another side of the world!


  1. We are afforded so many luxuries that go overlooked. It takes knowing someone above or below you to understand where you stand.

  2. You're a wonderful, sensitive guy, Paul -- which is why we love you. We are truly spoiled and careless with our wealth of goodies in this country (including my house!). JoAnn Winson