Saturday, March 23, 2013

Men's room etiquette...lift the lid please! not all dudes are comfortable using the urinals!

But here's my story.   I'm one of the few (very few) dudes that actually takes a dump in these public roadside rest stops.   I walked into a men's room on the southbound New Jersey turnpike last week.   I think it was around exit 6 or 7?   It looked just like this!

I go because I have to take a dump.   There are at least 15+ urinals...of which 10 or so are UNOCCUPIED.

Notice there are no "separators" between the urinals.   That could be part of the problem!   Perhaps that IS the problem!   Anyway...

I head to a stall to take the dump.   Two seconds later, a dude enters the stall on my left and another dude into the stall on my right.   I don't hear a toilet seat go up...but I do hear the flow of piss and then they both exit! they both did flush!

Seconds later...I'm done with my business and exit the stall.   I notice that most of the urinals are still unoccupied! like I said...some dudes don't like to do their urinal thing next to other dudes!   Afraid someone might be checking out their junk?   Or they had an experience as depicted in the cartoon above?   Perhaps they're grossed out by the accumulated body fluids on the floor?   Or they're asking themselves...damn...when was the last time the attendant was in here?   Whatever.

My only request...for those of you that prefer to avoid the urinals...please lift up the seat in the stall so the rest of us "dumpers" don't have to deal with your pissy sh*t on the toilet seat!   PLEASE!

PS.   You gotta admit...that cartoon is a hoot!

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