Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Helene Lightbourne:   8/22/1916 - 11/19/2012

She was the prototype for the "Energizer Bunny"...even at the age of 92...before her 1st stroke!   Always on the move...always helping where she could.   Always smiling.   Her laugh was infectious.   In all of her years, I never saw her mad or unhappy!   She brought joy to everyone who knew her.   She was short in stature (well under 5 feet tall and with a shoe size of four and a half) but was she a giant in heart and soul.   She had a heart of gold!

If you looked up the word "angel" in the'd see a picture of Aunt Helene!   When I was a youngster, she was Christmas!   When I needed help (without asking)...she was always there.   She was a renaissance woman way ahead of her time.

If there's a heaven...Aunt Helene is in the penthouse suite!   So on this Thanksgiving eve...if some asked me what I'm thankful answer would be Aunt Helene!   I think everyone she touched would have the same answer!   If there were more Aunt Helenes in this world...the world would truly be a better place!   Rest in peace Aunt deserve it!


  1. I just discovered your blog by googling the name Helene Lightbourne. She was my across-the-hall neighbor when I was growing up in New York. You're right: she was always energetic, always happy, always eager to help. I remember her very fondly and hope I'll have her energy when I'm in my 80s or 90s.

    1. Thank you Joe! She is sorely missed. Thanks for checking out my little space on the internet! Keep in touch. The world needs more Aunt Helenes!!!