Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary [with a comma!]

My oldest daughter called today to wish us a happy anniversary.   Our anniversary was actually on Friday (38 years)…but I guess she figured she’d kill two birds with one stone…Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother’s Day.

I picked up the phone, asked how she & my son-in-law were doing. We had the usual update and chit-chat.   They reside in Munich so it’s always good to hear from them…but today was especially good and heartwarming.   Just before I told my wife to pick up the extension…my daughter said:

“So how was the anniversary f*ck”?   Huh?   I said “Excuse me”?   I then said...“trust me…we didn’t”? (TMI)

At that point we both broke out laughing...hysterically!   We knew we were missing a comma…as in “how was the anniversary, (comma…pause…you) f*ck”!

Still don’t get it?   I understand why you may not…because we have a unique relationship that allows her to call me “you f*ck”…and I can call her the same!   Another favorite name with both daughters is “”sh*t head” or “dickhead”!   I know that may sound weird for a father/daughter relationship…perhaps?   But that’s how it is and I love it!

As the old adage goes…”A son is a son until he takes a wife…but a daughter is a daughter for the rest of your life”!

I have AMAZING daughters!   I am proud…they are beautiful both inside and out…just like their Mom!   Happy Mother’s Day Babe!   And Happy Anniversary too!

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