Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Sh*t has hit the fan!!!

Obama supports gay marriage!

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I'm happy and somewhat sadden by this!   Happy because I fully support his position and I'm proud that he had the balls to do this!   Saddened because I think the timing is piss poor.   He should have held out until after the election!   As stated in the title...the sh*t has hit the fan and all the religious wingnuts and country bumpkins are already dancin' in the streets and they're gonna have a field day with this!   More bigoted crap that they can throw at the President.   It's gonna get really ugly.   Fox news is already on this like a dog in heat!

This election is now gonna be tighter than a knat's *ss! Even some gays are saying that he only did this to help him get re-elected!   UGH!   Trust me on this!  The political consequences could be huge!   Pass the toilet paper please!

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