Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pass the toilet paper please!

As predicted a few hours ago…the proverbial sh*t has definitely hit the fan!
  • Tony Perkins of Family Research Council said Obama’s position has handed Mitt Romney “the key to social conservative support”

  • American Values head and former FRC president Gary Bauer claimed to be “perplexed” that Obama “is spending even one second of his time thinking about how and to radically transform the institution of marriage”.   Bauer also commented in an email to supporters that Obama “may have just lost the presidency”

  • Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage pledged to defeat Obama and warned "God is the author of marriage, and we will not let an activist politician like Barack Obama who is beholden to gay marriage activists for campaign financing to turn marriage into something political that can be redefined according to presidential whim”

  • The Traditional Values Coalition president Andrea Lafferty maintained Obama’s view on marriage equality displays his radical ideology”.

  • Matt Smith of the Catholic Advocate said Obama’s support for marriage equality is part of an “anti-Catholic agenda”

  • Rob Schenck of the Faith and Action commented “Frankly, I question whether he really does in his heart-of-hearts.   Maybe I'm naive, but, if I'm right, it's even worse, because it means he has surrendered a moral conviction for political expediency.   Very wrong and very sad.”

  • Bill Donohue of the Catholic League claimed Obama “has fully broken with his Christian moorings” and suggested he also favors polygamy.

  • Jim Campbell of the Alliance Defense Fund said his endorsement “promotes the creation of even more fatherless and motherless homes”.

More wacko right-wing details here!

Image compliments of A Blue View!

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