Sunday, April 28, 2013

Never Never Land!

If I had really big money, I would set up a "Neverland" foundation.   I'm talkin' Bill Gates, Warren Buffett kind of money!   Young folks (anyone under thirty?) could apply for a grant.   They would have to qualify for (or answer to) any of the following:
  • never been ankle deep in the ocean...yes OCEAN!
  • never been on a plane
  • never been out of the country...much less their home state
  • never known or had a friend of another race/religion or sexual orientation
  • never been to a "play" or a Broadway show
  • never knew their Dad
  • never felt loved!
If they've never experienced it...I would try to make it happen.   I know it would be a much better world if all the young folks could say..."yes...I've done/experienced that"!   Sure there are many more "nevers" I could add to my "Neverland" list...but this is good enough for now!

I consider myself to be very fortunate because I've had very few "nevers"...but I could write a book on those "nevers" that I've had!   Guess I need to start that infamous "bucket list"!

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