Saturday, April 20, 2013

Put all of them on an IED Pressure Cooker Pot!

That was my initial reaction when I first heard of the Boston marathon bombings.   I was filled with hatred (and I guess...I still am).

Then I looked at the image of eight year old, Martin Richard (who died), and the other victims and my eyes swelled with tears.   I was even madder and wanted revenge!

Martin made his "peace" sign, in May of last year, when his school organized a "Peace Walk."   Holding their homemade signs, kids walked around the city making a big statement with a simple act

My daughter was here that day of the bombings.   I said to her..."if they're captured alive...I hope they make them sit on a pressure cooker (with their IEDs...improvised explosive devices) and let the relatives of the deceased, and the injured, ignite the pressure cookers and blow all of them up to smitherines!"

Went to bed Thursday night knowing that "the authorites" were close to nailing down the perpetrators.   Switch to Friday.   Like so many others...I was glued to the television!   I couldn't believe how rapidly things had changed.   One suspect was dead and his younger brother was in captivity!   Amazing!   They had their background/history, were interviewing relatives...everything!

Then I saw the images of this innocent looking 19 year old and asked, how could this happen?   Like so may other things, I just don't understand.

Then I read this reader's comment on the Huffington Post and it really sums up my feelings...

"Now this kid, who was probably following his brother has to pay for what he did.   And I really don't think he understands what he threw away his life for.   It's sad.   This could have been anyone's child; and he is going to rot in jail for a very long time - having chosen poorly with his life direction.   I am not saying that he doesn't deserve the repercussions of his actions.   I am saying how sad it is that he threw away all of his chances, all of his opportunities, all of the joys that life can bring.   And that is a shame, indeed."

Of course my daughter was quick to remind me of my initial thoughts about this!   Blow their *sses up!   Again...I just don't understand!

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