Thursday, March 24, 2011

23 Staples Later... here it is!   A total of 23 staples!   There used to be a six-pack under this mess!   Prior to surgery, my surgeon said he would make an incision just ABOVE the navel and run about six inches north.   So what is with the detour around and below the navel?   Good news...intestinal polyp is gone and was deemed benign!

Fortunately for me, I was only hospitalized for 7 days (6 nights).   The first 3 of those nights passed with little to no sleep, thanks to the contraption below...often referred to as a hospital bed!   If I learned one thing during my is this!   Hospital beds are not designed for sleeping, unless you prefer to sleep on your back!   I don't know anyone who prefers to (or can even attempt to) sleep on their back.

No these beds are design for the medical staff.   To lift you, hoist you, poke you, probe you all through the night or at least every two to three hours all through the night!   The upper and lower part of the bed adjusts independently.   The height also adjusts.   All combined there must be an endless possibility of different combinations, none of which provides you with a decent nights sleep...unless, of course, you prefer to sleep on your back!

Also notice the plastic covered mattress?   Instant sweat machine!   I must have had an additional 5 or six pillows...still no sleep.   Finally, on night four, the pain had somewhat subsided.   I was able to lay on my side and manage to get a whole 3 hours straight sleep...before the nurse woke me up to take my "vitals"!

One other thing!   If you're having abdominal surgery, do not...I not, cough or sneeze at least 4 days after surgery.   If you will swear that God does not exist, or if nothing else...he took a few days off!

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