Sunday, February 24, 2013

I've been to hell again and this time it's the Emergency Room!

Friday started out as a good day.   On Thursday, endocrinologist calls to tell me I don't have diabetes.   I checked in with the urologist...and learned that I don't have prostate cancer (although he wants to do another prostate biopsy in 6 months)!   That exam is not a day at the beach...but given all the other good's party time people!

So I go visit my oncologist.   Well not really the dude that's treating me...but one of his co-horts.   Nurse draws the blood and all the other stuff..temperature, blood pressure, etc.   Co-hort comes in 15 minutes later and asks the usual questions and tells me that all is well.   Good news...I was in and out of there in 40 minutes...a record!

I get home at 4:30pm.   An hour calls and wants me to go to the hospital for an EKG and other tests.   Why...because my potassium level is elevated (5.9) and she's concerned!   My response..."it's Friday at 5:15pm...can't I do this on Monday"?   Her response..."if I thought this could wait until Monday...I would not have called you tonight"!!!

  • 5:30pm - depart home
  • 6:00pm - arrive at hospital and "sign in".   Told to sit in the waiting area.
  • 6:35pm - my name is called.   "Come with me".
  • 6:40pm - Take an EKG, temperature & blood pressure (127 over 84)
  • 6:50pm - Escorted to a gurney in the emergency room hallway because all the "rooms" are occupied.
  • 7:05pm - "Administrator" interviews me to collect all the relevant data, medical history, HIPPA stuff, insurance etc.   Says he's going on a break.
  • 7:20pm - Nurse dashes by me (I'm still in the hallway) and tells me...she'll "be right back to draw blood".
  • 7:45pm - "Blood" nurse is back and draws blood.   "We'll have result in an hour"
  • 7:55pm - Another nurse comes to take my blood pressure (now 120 over 81...not bad!)
  • 8:05pm - Doctor shows up.   Asks"why am I here"?.   I tell him the my oncologist co-hort told me to come here...TONIGHT!   Doctor tells me that once he gets the blood results, he'll get back to me.
  • 9:00pm - Doctor tells me all is ok.   EKG was cool and potassium was 4.8 versus the 5.9 (that caused oncologist co-hort concern).   Also suggests that I contact my internist...because two of the prescriptions that I take are known to elevate potassium levels!!!
  • 9:30pm - Arrive back home!
EKG, blood tests, emergency room!   God only knows how much this is gonna cost!   I know...better safe than sorry.   I shouldn't complain.  But still...avoid an emergency room at any cost...unless you're bleeding or have a gunshot wound!

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