Saturday, June 2, 2012

G. W.’s official portrait unveiled!

If you were a former president of the United States and the time came to have yourself recorded for posterity in an official oil portrait, would you choose to be portrayed next to a smooth-talking horse thief fleeing a lynch mob?   How about pillaging bandits?

Probably not.   Unless, that is, you are George W. Bush.

The official portrait of the 43rd president of the United States by Austin, Texas, painter John Howard Sanden was unveiled at a White House ceremony on Thursday.   In it, Bush's face is shown right next to one of his favorite paintings, which hangs over his right shoulder on an Oval Office wall.   Below the painting his hand rests on a chair-back sporting a golden imperial laurel wreath, ancient symbol of triumph (not included in this shot).

Official portraiture is usually meant to flatter.   Rarely is it so frank as Bush's White House painting.   As reported in The LA Times, the former president said at the unveiling ceremony that the Koerner painting reminded him of all the people he served with during his two terms in office -- a presidency marked by a questionable 2000 election, an unprovoked war, crushing debt, charges of torture and, finally, economic collapse.

Now, thanks to his official portrait, "43" will stare into space for eternity next to a picture of an apparent criminal who is heading for the hills.

Mission accomplished (but that's a whole 'nother story)!

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