Friday, January 20, 2012

Miss Birdie!

On January 15th, Miss Birdie left us.   She was the Mom of one of our dearest friends.   She was 87 years old.   She lived a long life and unfortunately, in her latter years, suffered from Alzheimers disease.   Before that...she was the life of the party!   Keep on dancin' Miss Birdie!

Here's what Miss Birdie's daughter (our dearest friend) had to say:

"Our Mom knew she could accomplish anything and acted on it.   She was self confident, generous and gifted.   She was an athlete, she sang in the church choir and at weddings, played the piano, tap danced.   She was fluent in Spanish and had a Masters in Bilingual Education.   She was on the board of the first bank that opened in our town.   Prior to the bank's opening our mom organized the local "partner" or "su su" which is a communal savings program where folks put an agreed upon amount into a fund each month and each month one of the participants would receive their "draw".

"Our Mom was fluent in Spanish and had a Masters in Bilingual Education. She exposed our family and community to all kinds of cultural activities.   She was the only woman I knew in the 1950s who could ride a motor cycle.   She was the first woman I knew who bought her own car.   When my dad was not ready to teach her to drive, she taught herself".

"Our Mom was a devoted mother, grandmother and teacher.   I will always remember her with her cane, bent over, on the dance floor at family parties and events.   She loved life, she loved people, she never complained. She set a high standard for all of us.   We will miss Miss Birdie but it was time for her to go."

Much love Miss Birdie!   And keep on dancin'   We need more of you on this earth and in our lives!

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