Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Caucus & the Primary

Someone needs to explain to me (one of these days) why Iowa and New Hampshire have such a major influence in determining a party's candidate for the presidency.

Since this time it's the Rethuglicans...I really don't give a damn, but I'm just curious!   Between the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, so far, approximately 365 thousand Rethuglicans have voiced their opinion on who they think should be their presidential candidate.   Mitt Romney!   365 thousand and it's damn near a done deal.   That's just a smidgeon over 1% of the total American population!

Iowa?   I love Iowa!   I went to school in Iowa!   But come on!   According to various sources:
  • 99% of Iowa's GOP Rethuglican caucus-goers are white
  • 50+% identify themselves as Evangelical or "born again" Christians
  • 70% say they live in a small town or rural location!

New Hampshire?   Second least religious state in the nation!   Sorry Rick Santorum!

Of course we still need to hear from the Teabaggers from South Carolina...and shortly thereafter the "dangling chad" voters of Florida!   Once we hear from these wonderful Americans...apparently it's a done deal!   But still...I just don't get it!

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