Friday, February 11, 2011

“It wasn’t meant to be”

“It wasn’t meant to be” is really a hard term to accept.   It was extremely hard for my youngest daughter, but hard for the rest of us as well.   She even had T-shirts made up for my grandson, Romell, with the phrase “I’m a big brother”!   But…it wasn’t meant to be!   That’s the condolences that everyone said.   Believe it or not…I try to find solace in that.

Turns out, it was a miscarriage...or something like that?   Doctor said the "baby" wouldn't make it to "term"?   She was only a month or so pregnant…but still.   Damn!   We were hurt, if for nothing else, because she was hurt.   It was emotional.   It sucks.

I am a staunch supporter of “Pro Choice”.   I firmly believe it’s up to a woman to choose…not the government.   However, I look at my grandson, Romell, and say wow!   What if, for whatever reason, my daughter decided that, at that time, it wasn’t meant to be?   And then she chose…that it wasn’t meant to be”?   This world would have lost out on an incredible, beautiful child named Romell.   Makes you think.   I’m just sayin’.   Don’t cha think?

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