Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hope Phones

I saw this on the news this morning.   Very cool idea.   I've got a few old cell phones lying around here.   They even pay for the postage!!!

American's discard over a half a million cell phones every day, and only 10% of those phones are recycled.

But Hope Phones helps bring a new life to your waste.

If we throw away 500,000 phones each day, and each is worth $15-$50, then with just 1% of that money, Hope Phones can raise enough to buy new phones for a million health workers.   Yes, a million.

Because health workers in the developing world use simple phones, a donated phone has a huge impact- if you send in your used iPhone, for example, Hope Phones can purchase 5-7 phones for healthcare workers.


Go to:

Print the postage-paid shipping label,
and stick it in the mail to:
Hope Phones Recycling Center
794 Industrial Court
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302


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