Monday, March 27, 2017

An update from Mosul, Iraq!   A boy & his bike!

I bitch about at lot of things these days:
  • They announced we'd be on the ground at White Plains airport in 15 minutes.   Nevermind!   We're landing @ LaGuardia in 10 minutes!   But car is @ White plains and it's midnight!
  • the cable went out!   That's twice in 4 days!!!
  • the mail didn't come until 5:00PM today.   Do you believe it!
  • the long lines at the Post office!   Why am I dealing with stamps anymore?
  • the long lines at the DMV (dept. of Motor Vehicles).
  • who stole my parking space???
  • when are they gonna patch these potholes on Interstate I95???
  • the supermarket advertised Haagan-Daz ice cream, a dollar off!   Can't find it!   No more left???
  • the weatherman forecasted 50+ degrees today!   It ain't!!!
  • does anyone look up from their cell phone anymore?
  • where is my g*d-damn cellphone???
  • my age & memory capacity!   Ugh!   How old am I anyway?
  • where is the g*d-damn TV/cable remote control???
  • Then there's always the Velvetta Cheeta in the White House!!!   Ugh!!
I'm sure there are many more things that I can add to my "bitch" list.   Then I stop and take a look at the picture above and realize I need to stop bitching!   I wish I could find this boy and bring him and his bike to America!   Sorry Velvetta Chetta...but that's how I feel!

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