Friday, September 12, 2014

A Little Bit Racist - Part 2!

As I posted a few days ago, Nicholas Kristof did a N.Y. Times Op-Ed article entitled "Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist"?   He got an onslaught of comments/responses (some negative...see just a few below).

One response to his Op-Ed was...
“We can’t fix their problems.   It’s up to every black individual to stop the cycle of fatherless homes, stop the cycle of generations on welfare.”

Per Mr. Kristof:
"There was a deluge of such comments, some toxic, but let me try to address three principal arguments that I think prop up white delusion."

The three principle arguments were:
First, if blacks are poor or in prison, it’s all their fault.   “Blacks don’t get it,” Bruce tweeted.   “Choosing to be cool vs. getting good grades is a bad choice.   We all start from 0.”

But look at Asians, Mark protests on my Google Plus page: Vietnamese arrived in poverty — and are now school valedictorians.   Why can’t blacks be like that?

Look, the basic reason young black men are regarded with suspicion is that they’re disproportionately criminals.   The root problem isn’t racism.   It’s criminality.

His follow-up piece is titled..."Whites Just Don't Get It"   To see more and his responses to the above comments, check out his posting on the N.Y. Times.

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