Tuesday, July 8, 2014

President Barack Obama’s Quilt???

My wife is a quilter.   As a matter of fact, I think she’s a damn good quilter!   She is contributing this quilt to be part of a blind auction for a local civic cause.

Usually, once she completes the cutting, piecing and sewing, she often sends her work out to a third party to add the “batting”, backing and machine quilting for the final result (short of the binding work).   This time…instead of sending the quilt, we decided to deliver it in person.

Over the course of years, our third party quilting “resource” has developed into a great friendship.   While we were at her shop, we were talking about our kids, retirement, possible vacation plans and an assortment of other topics.   At some point during our conversation, our quilting friend said how much she loves President Obama especially because of the Affordable Care Act!   We asked what was behind this love affair!

Both she and her husband are 64 years old and are self-employed entrepreneurs.

At 64, neither are yet eligible for Medicare and have not begun to collect Social Security.   They were paying $2000 per month for health insurance!   TWO GRAND per MONTH!!!   As entrepreneurs, health insurance was their second largest monthly expense.   Once they signed up for the Affordable Care Act (aka…Obamacare), their health insurance (for the EXACT same coverage) is now $500 a month!!!

They went from two grand per month to five hundred for the EXACT same coverage!!!   I encouraged them to write the White House!

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