Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

My Mom and Dad divorced in 1955.   I believe divorce was a rarity in those days.   I was only nine years old, but among my sphere of family and friends, I didn't know anyone else whose parents were divorced.   Not in my neighborhood; at school; at church (I used to attend back then) or anywhere else!

Back then divorce was a "hush hush" subject.   You just didn't speak about it or ask any questions.   Eventually my Mom said that Dad moved out of our Bronx apartment because it was too small and they wanted us to have our own room.   As a nine year old...I bought that line/logic/excuse...hook, line and sinker!

As I grew older, and even to this day, I would love to know what actually drove them apart...but, at this stage in my life, I know I never will.

So on this Father's day, I do think about the past, but I'm focused on the present and the future!   I'm blessed with two wonderful/awesome daughters (and their spouses) and an "over the top" grandson who calls me "Dude"!

And...I'm happy!   With that said...Happy Father's Day!

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