Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dick(HEAD) Cheney...WAR CRIMINAL!!!

Per Mr. Dick(HEAD)...
"Our enemies no longer fear us.   Our allies no longer trust us.   Empty threats, meaningless redlines, leading from behind, and 'engagement' with rogue regimes, have put America on a path of decline.   Threats to America’s security are on the rise.   Iran is marching towards a nuclear weapon.   Al Qaeda is resurgent, establishing new safe havens across the Middle East, including in Iraq where President Obama withdrew all American forces with no stay behind agreement.   He has announced he intends to [do] the same in Afghanistan.   Syria has become the most dangerous training ground for Islamic terrorists since the attacks of 9/11."

My 2 cents...
WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)?   NO!   Halilburton?   Yes!
You, Rumsfield and Dubya ought to be charged with war crimes!

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