Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CT DMV - In & Out in 20 Minutes!!!

Ugh!   The Connecticut DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).   I was expecting the worst.   Who doesn't when it comes to ANY DMV!!!

Why would anyone want to actually go to the DMV in any state?   Well...given my latest medical escapade (and perhaps the thought of getting a handicapped parking permit) and the need for local beach stickers, I had no other choice.   To get the beach stickers, my town required current copies of our "vehicle registration certificates" which were no where to be found.   You're supposed to keep the certificates in the vehicle along with the insurance card and other stuff...but none of it was there!   But I digress.

So, expecting the worst, I headed off to one of Connecticut's local DMV offices.   As I approached, it appeared as though every car in the state of Connecticut was in the parking lot.   I was about to turn around and go home...but decided to stick it out!

I get on the "information line".   There are at least 15 folks ahead of me.
I'm with a cane and me knees are killing me!

I approach a clerk and tell her I would like to get a temporary handicapped permit and registration replacements (to get my beach stickers).   I'm given a ticket numbered E921.   Wow...that was quick...only 12 minutes on the "information line"!   The clerk asks that I not go too far away, because my number (E921) would be called soon!   Sure...I say to myself...but I'm still in a state of shock over the 12 minutes!   I look around and there are 100+ people here!   I find a seat and within a minute or number E921 is called!   I almost fell off the chair.   It must have been the cane and the request for a handicapped sticker!

As instructed, I go to window #14 (there are over 20+ windows).   I'm greeted by a very friendly and cordial DMV employee who appears to be happy to assist me.   Is this the DMV?

I exited the DMV with handicapped permit and certified registrations in hand.   As I'm leaving, I see all of the folks who were on the information line (ahead of me) still waiting for their number to be called!   I'm still in a state of shock.

If you ever need to go to a Connecticut DMV's always a plus if you're somehow incapacited.   If so...they may give you a number that begins with the letter "E"!   I think it means "express" or "expedite" or something!   But it is good!   If, on the other hand, you're going for beach stickers....fuhgeddaboudit!

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