Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Why can't the world always be like this?"

Put aside the terrorist threats; hunting down homosexuals and the malfunctioning fifth ring.

Watching those 3,500 athletes from around the world enter the Sochi Olympic stadium made me temporarily forget all the ugliness going on in the world and the nasty political climate back here at home.   To see their smiles, the waving flags and the cheering crowd was a sight to behold.   The crowd roared when the infamous "Cool Runnings" Jamaican bobsled team entered the stadium.

Athletes from over 80 countries entered the stadium that night! Who ever heard of Timor-Leste?   Certainly not me!   Where is the heck is Andorra much less San Morino?

When the Russian athletes entered the stadium the home country crowd, as expected, went nuts.   That's when my thirty-something year old daughter turned to me and said..."why can't the world always be like this?"

Fast forward to Saturday and back to reality.   International articles in section one of the New York Times included the following:

  • Despite Signs of Progress, Insecurity Rises in Tunisia
    Security has become the most pressing issue in Tunisia as the country tries to move forward with its democratic transition and rescue its still declining economy, which depends heavily on tourism and foreign investment.
  • Crisis Deepens in Bosnia
    Thousands of angry Bosnians took to the streets on Friday for a fourth day of protests against the political paralysis and economic stagnation th
  • Turkish Highjacking is Foiled
    A passenger aboard a commercial airline flight from Ukraine to Turkey tried to hijack it to Sochi, Russia, on Friday after the Winter Olympics started.
  • Peril For Afghan Women
    Advocates say that women’s rights and security in Afghanistan are under mounting assault from all sides — the Taliban insurgency and the government alike — putting at risk 12 years of hard-won gains for women here.
Like I said...back to reality.   I'm sure more dosages of reality await me in today's New York Times!

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