Friday, September 6, 2013

Syria...Assad, The Rebels and the US of A!

OK...Assad is gassing his people!

Meanwhile...the Syrian rebels are executing Syrian soldiers!
Dear President Obama,
You know I'm a really big fan of yours!   I love you...but I hate this!
  • Is this an International crisis or a civil war?   Sounds like a civil war to me?
  • Is Syria an enemy of the U.S?   An ENEMY?
  • What threat is there to the United States?
  • Why is this America's crusade/issue?
  • Is Assad a wacko?   Absolutely!
  • Where is NATO on this?   Or the U.N. or all the other coalitions on this?
  • The Brits & the Germans said no thanks!
  • What is a "strategic strike?"   Please define!
  • What is the goal of such a strike?   Get rid of Assad?   Regime change (aka...Democracy)?   No thanks!
  • How do we (America) plan to achieve that goal?
  • How long will this "strategic strike" last?
  • What is the end game AFTER this "strategic strike"?
  • How much is it gonna cost?   I've got plenty of other ideas/suggestions on how we can use that money here in America!
  • If Boehner, Cantor, McCain and the other Rethuglicans are for this...then I'm against it!   Aren't these the same clowns belly-aching about the deficit?   Like I much is this gonna cost?
I've got an idea...
Help get the innocent refugees out of Syria!   Help (send money) to repatriate those refugees to other countries (ie. Jordan).   Give that approach a year and let all those who remain...kill each other!

This is somewhat similar to my original recommendation for Afghanistan!

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