Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Negroes"..."Blacks"..."African Americans"
...and other "Persons of Color!"

Listen...I'm sick of the categories...the pigeon holes!   First and foremost, I'm an American.   I happen to be a person of color!   Why do most (if not all) of the politicians/pundits think that the aforementioned folks are a homogenous group who all think alike?

Don't tell me that African Americans think this or they are against that! Then Latino Americans are thinking this or that!   Hell...there are black folks who even think that Donald Trump should be President!!!

When I listen to the politicians/pundits, I ignore it all and the first thing I think about is what's best for this country!   Not who will help ""The Blacks", "The Latinos" or any other minorities...but who will move America forward!

Did I mention I'm sick of it!!!

OK folks of color (and everyone else)...if you want to compete...and get a leg up in this's all about education!!!   It's also about being informed of what's going on in this world!   Get an education and the sky is the limit!   Did I mention an education???

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