Thursday, October 8, 2015

The crazies in the GOP are really crazy!!!

  • President Barack Obama is a Muslim.   Numerous polls show that more than 50 percent of all Republicans believe this untrue claim to be true.
  • President Barack Obama is not a legal citizen of the Unites States.   A September poll shows 29 percent of Republican voters believe Obama was born outside of the United State, not in Hawaii, where he was born.
  • Forty-nine percent of Republicans do not believe in evolution.
  • Allied forces did not find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after we invaded, but more than 41 percent of Republicans believe they did in a 2015 poll.
  • Numerous Republican politicians claim Planned Parenthood officials sell fetal tissue so they can buy Lamborghinis.
  • Roughly 40 percent of Republican voters do not believe the earth is warming because of human activity.
  • Iran does not have the capacity to attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons, but 45 percent of Republicans think it does and that military action is needed right now.
  • Some GOP presidential candidates and members of Congress believe ISIS intends to attack the U.S. on our soil; they don’t buy the idea that what ISIS really wants is a Islamic caliphate in and around Syria.
  • Republicans in the House claim simply “repealing” Obamacare is a practical and politically possible option.
  • Over a third of Republican voters believe Donald Trump represents their best shot at winning the presidency.
Source: DecodeDC!

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