Sunday, November 30, 2014

Awesomeness in the Turks & Caicos!

There are so many awesome things about traveling that I wish everyone in this world could have a chance to experience!   A big part of that traveling experience can be about the people that you get to meet.   Our latest venture to Turks & Caicos (Blue Haven Resort), confirmed what I believe to be true…so many of us in this world have a great deal in common or we have amazing stories to share with the world…or BOTH!   So here are some of the folks that we met.

The Romanians:
There was the young couple from Romania (didn’t get their names) who escaped communist Romania and fled to Germany (well after the wall came down).   They told us of the hardships that they endured and how they were treated and housed in many different German locations…but they were free!   Eventually they were sponsored by their Uncle and were allowed to immigrate to the United States!   Their story was amazing!   They were traveling (on vacation) with their 6 month old son!   In Turks & Caicos with a 6 month old!   The kid was awesome.   Not a peep out of him in all the fancy restaurants!

The Honeymooners!
Then there were the Houston newlyweds, Billy & Holly…married for 5 days!   Their original plans were to honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) but hurricane Odile screwed that up!   So at the last minute…they signed up for Turks & Caicos.   They were awesome too!   Just good, wonderful young people.   We first met them on the resort’s beach and it was instant good vibes.   And…he’s a fan of Crown Royal…which just so happens to be our kid’s new favorite beverage of choice!   The honeymooners don’t know it…but they haven’t seen the last of us.   Just good kids and we wish all the best for them!

The Ladies from Vancouver!
And finally...our new found buddies from Vancouver!   We booked a half day “snorkeling/conch” cruise with “Caicos Dream Tours”.   That’s where we met these two outgoing and fun-loving ladies (Rosemary & Christa)!   “Ms. Rosey” invited us to her home and insisted that we take an Alaskan cruise…originating from Vancouver (her home town). She even said she would pick us up from the airport in Vancover!   And…she invited us to stay with her in her two bedroom condo!   (She may not know this…but we’re going to take her up on this invite)!!!

To us, this is just one of the greatest things about travel.   It’s so much about the people you get to meet from all walks of life and from all over the world and then you quickly realize that we all have so much in common!   Just good people!   Oh…and the beach was awesome too!

Traveling is an awesome experience!   It has ALWAYS been an awesome experience for us!   It’s time to figure out where we’re going next and the wonderful people we may get a chance to meet!   My best friend is trying to talk us into joining him and the Mrs. on a QM2 trans-Atlantic crossing from South Hampton, England to New York!   We may just take him up on it!!!

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