Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sarah Palin (V.P. Candidate) & the "shutdown"!

"It’s beyond shameful to see Barack Obama disrespect and mistreat our World War II veterans so blatantly.   Obama’s political stunt to 'shut down' their memorial by barricade is to elicit an angry response to generate bad publicity for people the president uses in his continual blame game.   The difference is obvious.   There aren’t any World War I veterans alive today to mistreat in a shameful political stunt.   He’s deployed more guards to bar our World War II heroes from their memorial than he sent to Benghazi when our consulate was under attack.

The President is treating our veterans the same way he treated school kids when he cancelled their White House tours.   When times called for obvious government belt-tightening, he took it out on kids rather than look for anything that would affect him personally.   And while our vets are barricaded from the memorial they built with their heroism, the government 'slim down' won’t affect Obama’s golf game or his family’s White House chefs."

Source: Mrs. Palin's Facebook page

47% of Americans that voted in 2008 thought that this woman was qualified (and worthy) to be the Vice President of the United States of America!   A heartbeat away from the presidency!   That alone scares the sh*t out of me!   I just don't get it and I never will!

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