Thursday, July 27, 2017

Where were the Rethuglicans???

Dear Rethuglicans...where were you when:
  • He declared that John McCain was not a hero...because he was captured.
  • He wanted to ban ALL Muslims from entering this country.
  • He attacked Ted Cruz's wife and suggested Cruz's Dad was involved in the Kennedy assassination!   Nevermind...Cruz ignored that and endorsed this *sshole anyway!
  • He attacked Rosy O'Donnell & Megan Kelly's blood.
  • He attacked the Khan family & Mrs. Khan.
  • He bragged about grabbing p*ssy.
  • He claimed he was illegally wire-tapped.
  • He lied about President Obama's birthplace.
  • He gave a campaign rally speech at the Boy Scouts jamboree.
  • He tweets that transgendered Americans have no place in the military.
Did I mention that he lies on a daily basis!!!

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