Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Donald!   Flip-flops all within one day!

Similar to the Donald's face, but Dude!   You gotta get up under those toenails!

China - Currency Manipulator:
Trump repeatedly pledged during his campaign to label the country a currency manipulator.

Nevermind..."They’re not currency manipulators," the president recently said, adding that China hasn’t been manipulating its currency for months, and that he feared derailing U.S.-China talks to crack down on North Korea.

Janet Yellen's Future:
Nevermind...“I like her. I respect her,” Trump recently said, “It’s very early.”   Trump called Yellen “obviously political” in September and accused her of keeping interest rates low to boost the stock market and make Obama look good.

Export-Import Bank:
Nevermind!   Trump threw his support behind the Export-Import Bank, which helps subsidize some U.S. exports, after opposing it during the campaign.

“It turns out that, first of all, lots of small companies are really helped, the vendor companies,” Trump told the Journal. “Instinctively, you would say, ‘Isn’t that a ridiculous thing,’ but actually, it’s a very good thing. And it actually makes money, it could make a lot of money.”

Trump said NATO is "no longer obsolete" during a Wednesday press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, backtracking on his past criticism of the alliance.

During the campaign, he frequently called the organization "obsolete," saying did little to crack down on terrorism and that its other members don’t pay their “fair share.”

More details @ The Hill.

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