Sunday, February 5, 2017

America...this is our problem!

Whenever I hear Trump's propaganda puppets speak (Pence, Spicer, Conway & others), I shudder!   I either put the TV on mute or change the channel! They keep stating/"quoting" that the "Americans" support/believe this or want that!

No!   No!     I don't think Americans want/support this or that!!!   I question everything/anything that these "talking heads" say (or refer to) regarding what "The Americans" want.   It's not true!   FOX (FAUX) News doesn't question them, if not support, what these puppets say.   The other "news pundits" doesn't even challenge/question these wackos either!

"The Americans" wanted Hillary...but the Electoral College decided otherwise!   But then again, there are all those other ignorant "Americans" who didn't even vote!   Unfortunately this is not just America's problem anymore!   Now it's the world's problem!

PS. I also put the TV on mute or change the channel whenever Cheetolini is on.   I refuse to refer to him as "President".   He's either "The Donald" or Trump...never President!   Did I mention how distraught I am over this whole sh*t!!!   OK...nevermind!   Go grab some p*ssy!!!

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