Monday, October 3, 2016

Dear scare the sh*t out of me!!!

  • Donald Trump lies everyday and sometimes in the middle of speeches - FACT
  • Donald Trump and his Dad discriminated against Blacks in housing in the 70’s!   Blacks were not allowed to live in his apartments.   Applications were marked with a "C" (as in "colored") or they were told no apartments were available! - FACT.
  • Donald Trump is a Misogynist!   He has called women very disgusting things whether on the Howard Stern show or to their faces and now spends time focusing downward on Ms. Universe whom he called "Miss Piggy" and "Miss HouseKeeping"! - FACT.
  • Donald Trump continued the "Birther Chant" and witch hunt for 5 plus years where he lied about an investigator that he had on the case and that there were going to be new revelations any day now.   Then he, with hesitation, said the President of America was actually born in America!   Yes...the President was/is indeed an American but just lately blamed Hillary on the whole birther thing! - FACT
  • Although he continues to deny it...yes...he originally supported the War in IRAQ! - FACT
  • Donald Trump called Mexicans murders and rapists! - FACT!
  • Donald Trump put thousands of small business owners in jeopardy of loosing their business. He stiffed them, but he got a $1 billion write-off and paid no taxes!   He stiffed them!
  • A large percentage of Donald Trump's supporters are racists, bigots and misogynists (Neo-Nazi Party supporters, KKK, Alt Right and the list goes on)!   Not all of them are...but it's still a FACT!
  • He called a Philadelphia Inquirier reporter a CUNT and told her she had shit for brains and it goes on!
  • He believes that most...if not all blacks live in crime ridden/despicable areas in America!
  • He did business in Cuba when it was against the law!!!
  • He wasn't for the war in Irag! Or was he???

Please show me your taxes Mr. Trump!
Isn't it amazing how all of his surrogates refer to him as Mr. Trump versus Donald?

OK...a bimbo is a bimbo!

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