Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rethinking the Primaries and Caucuses?

Not sure why it took me so long to think about this, but I'm starting to question this whole primary/caucus thing!   Why?   Well let's look at what's happened so far and the jury is still out on South Carolina (until later today).

Total population is 3.1M!   15.7% (358K folks) of that total population participated in this years' caucus!   Just 15%!   187K Rethuglicans and 171K Democrats.   Yet the results of the Iowa caucus's impact is big political pundit coverage.   For example..."Hillary barely eeked out Bernie" she's in trouble!   Don't get me wrong, I love me some Iowa!   I went to college there and some of my most beloved friends are residents across Iowa!   BUT...315 thousand people in Iowa are gonna set the temperature of the water regarding the "front runners"?

New Hampshire:
Total population is 1.3 million!   538K folks voted in the primary...just 40% of that state's total population!

Moving forward:
So as we move on to South Carolina's results today, we know that approximately 900k Americans in Iowa & New Hampshire (from a total combined population of 4.3M from those two states..or less than 25% of eligible voters in those two states) have planted the ground work for who may win and who is in trouble!

So if you're a believer that these two early states forecast the outcome of this years' election you could possibly make the following assumptions:

So now it's on to South Carolina (total population of 4.8M).   Didn't they just take down the Confederate flag from the state capitol building?   Back in the late 60's, I spent 2 months of my life at the Army's boot camp at Fort Jackson in Columbia South Carolina!   Ugh!

Oh!   Let's not forget Nevada!   Total population is 2.8M!   So we have a total population of the aforementioned four states at 12 million versus a total US population of 319 million!   However, these four states seem to lay the ground for the political direction of this nation!

At this point, I'm seriously considering options to retire overseas!   I'm just saying!

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