Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy (???) Memorial Day???

Ain't sh*t to be happy about today!   The kids that gave their lives in Vietnam, Iraq (WMD?) and Afghanistan...didn't give their lives for their country.   They gave their lives for some warped political/military industrial complex ideologies.   It's pathetic!
And they left behind millions of loved ones who are probably asking...WHY?
  • Vietnam - Over 58,000 lives lost...and now it's a top tourist destination for Americans!
  • Afghanistan - Over 2,000 killed and almost 19,000 wounded!
  • Irag (aka...WMD) - Almost 4,500 killed and over THIRTY THOUSAND wounded!
These three stooges ought to be dragged in front of the International Court of Justice!

I'm really sadden about those who lost their lives in the insanity of war!
I sure ain't Happy today!

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