Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rethuglicans versus the Affordable Care Act.

From CNN:
"Republicans are going all in, hoping that the payout is big.   Like control of the Senate, big!

Their big bet: Obamacare.

The deadline to enroll in the Affordable Care Act for the year has come and gone.   The Obama administration is touting the enrollment numbers as a successful first year, but Republicans think voter anger over the law is here to stay.   And so, Republicans running for House and Senate continue to make it central to their campaign.

In the Arkansas Senate race, Republican challenger Tom Cotton (pictured above) is using Obamacare to fund-raise for his race against Democratic incumbent Mark Pryor.   The first screen on Cotton's website is a plea for contributions that says, "Obamacare is so bad that Obama doesn't want it.   Tell him neither do I."

The full story at CNN.

Footnote:   What's scary is that Nate Silver believes that Mr. Cotton has a 70% chance of winning!

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