Sunday, April 29, 2012

PIPCORN @ Smorgasburg

It’s official!   Members of my extended family launched their new business today…PIPSNACKS at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg.   Their first creation is PIPCORN…a hull-less variety of popcorn.

Available in a variety of flavors and when popped, its shell breaks up into teeny tiny pieces.   There are no more hard shells to get stuck in your teeth and it’s a treat that is much easier on your digestive system.   I can use that!

I ventured to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to be a part of their launch day celebration.   My first impression…a great variety of food goodies…in a very cool location, East River State Park.

Second impression…as a baby boomer…I think I was one of a few senior citizens in attendance (other than the parents of the PIPSNACKS founders).   In abundance…twenty-somethings with pretty faces; skinny jeans; hip sunglasses; hip shoes/sneakers…hipsters everywhere…not to mention the abundance of inter-racial couples (yeah baby!!!) and all sorts of ethnicities…and IMHO…a few too many four legged friends!   Did I mention there were a whole lotta young hipsters…females right outta Elle and males outta Essentials.

Need to get me some cool sunglasses and skinny jeans.   On second thought…forget the skinny jeans!   Oh…to be young again! All-in-all…a really a great experience!   I will definitely go back!   It’s every Saturday…rain or shine…through November!

Go buy some …PIPCORN!


  1. How can I order pipcorn? Is it available to be ordered on line? Can it be ordered by phone ?

    1. Thanks for your inquiry. You can order Pipcorn at Enjoy!