Sunday, September 11, 2011

Twenty nine eighty three & the "flip side".

That's how many innocent Americans died 10 years ago.   I watched the coverage surfing.   Tears flowed...especially when the youngsters read the names of those killed and ended their reading naming their Mom or Dad.   Some were only 10 years old.   I'm sure it would have been a proud moment in the eyes of the parent they lost in this tragedy.

But...there is a "flip side" to this tragedy.   While we lost 2,983 Americans on that tragic day...
  • another 5,500+ American soldiers have lost their lives in 2 atrocious wars!
  • 35,000+ US troops have been seriously injured
  • 1,000+ coalition troops have been killed
  • 8,000+ Afghan civilians have been killed
  • 8,000+ Afghan troops have been killed
  • 30,000+ Iraqi troops have been killed
  • 850,000+ Iraqi civilians have been killed
  • 150+ journalist have died
  • 1,200+ contractors have died

And at what cost?   We've spent over $3 trillion dollars on this fiasco.   That's approximately 1/3 of our total deficit!   What else could we have done with that money? Roads, bridges, jobs, schools, state governments?   The list could go on.   And where were all the Republicans and Teabaggers when Dubya gave the go-ahead on two UNFUNDED wars?   These are the same clowns that brought this country to the brink of default!   It makes me sick to my stomach!

But then again...this stuff always has!

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